PLAY Project WebApp

The PLAY Project

The PLAY project will develop and validate an elastic and reliable architecture for dynamic and complex, event-driven interaction in large highly distributed and heterogeneous service systems. Such an architecture will enable ubiquitous exchange of information between heterogeneous services, providing the possibilities to adapt and personalize their execution, resulting in the so-called situational-driven process adaptivity.

The main Play web site is available at

The demo application I developed is online here: (the data sources may not be emitting events anymore).

Motivating Story

Paul is a businessman who has been flying from Paris to New York. He used the entertainment service on board, but hasn’t finished watching the movie before the landing. Two hours later he is entering his room in the downtown hotel he booked earlier and wow: the room entertainment service is ready to PLAY the movie Paul was watching in the plane – of course only the unfinished part.

PLAY Project Architecture

The above schema shows the designed architecture for the whole platform, when it will be near the end of its development. At the end of its first year, the architecture is as follows :

Web Application and M12 Prototype

During my three months internship in Karlsruhe, Germany, in the research center FZI (Forschungszentrum Informatik), I worked on the conception and development of a demonstration web application for the 12th month prototype and review.