Call of Polytech

A shooting game

I developed this game during my first year of engineer school, in a team of 4 students. Our game received the Public's Choice Award during the DeViNT Open Day 2010.

Our game was designed to offer visually impaired a shooter featuring various shooting exercices, like an arcade video game. The game had three modes:

  • a single mode where levels follow one another and where the goal is to achieve the best possible score,
  • a quick game mode to play only one chosen level,
  • a mode specially designed for the blind.

Our game could be played on the keyboard, mouse or with a Nintendo Wiimote.
To adapt to children of all ages, the user could choose to play with guns or to throw cream pies.

A well-adapted game

Call of Polytech' was adapted to visually impaired people through its contrasts between targets and backgrounds.
Any time, the player could switch to graphics composed of simple shapes and colors that could be configured at will through the start menu or directly during game.
The player also had the ability to choose the size of visual elements.

For blind people, a special level had been designed in order to make the game accessible to anyone. This level helped the player to locate himself on the screen using a stereo sound system based on the frequency of sounds, which depended on the position of the sight relatively to the target's position.
In order to help the player to get his bearings, a toturial had been implemented.

An attractive game

Having developed our game as it could be played with a Nintendo Wiimote made it more lively. Indeed, the Wiimote offered more freedom to the player and allowed him to use a different gaming device than usual ones (keyboard and mouse). This feature also offered interesting prospects in terms of motricity for young children, and according to people who tried our game, a very good visual rehabilitation exercise.

A scoring and medals system made the game a competition between players : anyone could challenge their friends and try to establish the best score to stay at the top of rankings.

A few technical specifications

This game was developed in Java. We developed a first version using Swing 2D library, but because of its contraints and limitations, we decided to rebuild the game using Slick 2D engine, a more powerful tool for creating 2D Java games based on LWJGL (LightWeight Java Game Library).
In order to make the game playable with a Wiimote, we had to use WiiRemoteJ library and BlueCove to handle bluetooth connection of that device.
Scores were saved in an XML format, parsed using JDom library.
Vocal synthesis on menus and during game is handled by VocalyzeSIVOX, a library developed by our teachers at Polytech'Nice-Sophia Antipolis, based on MBROLA vocal synthesis created by the Université Polytechnique de Mons.


Alexandre Bourdin - Jordan Montel - S├ębastien Puech - Joris Vassou

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