A man with two hands and many hats

Hi! I'm Alexandre, a software engineer, web developper and Agile enthusiast.

I fell in love with web development when I was 14. It has been a long journey from my first website created with a WYSIWYG editor to being a full-stack web developer. Along the way, I also gathered experience in standard software and middleware development through my education and early career.

I truly enjoy the intellectual journey of combining technologies to design a useful application. I like it even more when a team coordinates itself around a common idea to build something that would have been out of reach for a single individual. This is why I like the Agile philosophy and Scrum in particular. It feels like orchestrating a beautiful symphony, where technologies are the instruments, design and architecture are the music sheets, and team members are the musicians.

As we bring this up, I also spend a lot of time making music. I have been playing guitar and piano for years now. I love mixing genres, just like I do with web technologies: taking a classical piece and playing it jazz-style, turning an EDM song into hard rock, a video game tune into metal... and I am doing all that on my YouTube channel :)
I also stand as a lead guitarist a symphonic/folk metal band.

I'm also into online gaming. It allows you to meet people from anywhere in the world, you would never meet otherwise. And you can throw yourself into competition, like I have been doing on tennis courts for years.

Now you know me a little better, so feel free to contact me!

Hi !

Alexandre Bourdin